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Arc Trainers mimic hiking and target the lower body. They look similar to an elliptical, but function differently. Arc Trainers only generate force during the weight bearing cycle of your stride, which makes them easier on the joints. Similarly to the elliptical, Arc Trainers are also low-impact.


Arc Trainers put minimal stress on the knee, ankle, hip and vertebrae, while burning more calories than the standard elliptical. Keep in mind with the arc trainers, that proper form is again important to prevent injuries and to maintain low joint impact.


The technology behind the Arc Trainer is designed to provide a low-impact motion that engages large muscle groups, such as the thighs, to increase strength and burn calories. Unlike ellipticals, with an Arc Trainer rather than opposite arms moving with the legs, as you move your left leg, your left arm moves with it on an Arc Trainer. The same thing goes for the right side.


Another feature of the Arc Trainer is that you can increase the slope. The Arc Trainer can work at different inclines to enhance different thigh muscles. Arc Trainers calculate the most effective resistance based on your weight.


There are two models of the Arc Trainer- total body and lower body. The lower body trainer focuses on the legs and buttocks, while the total body trainer has handles that work the arms and the chest as well. Both machines are designed to be easy on the knees.


While using an Arc Trainer, higher inclines will train the quadricep muscles in the thighs and lower inclines will work the glutes and hamstrings. Check out our selection of new and used Arc Trainers here at Buy and Sell Fitness for premium brands at a reduced cost.

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